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The Company was incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 18th December, 1990 having its registered office in the state of Andhra Pradesh under name & style of ‘’Aditya lspat Private Limited” by registrar of the Companies , Andhra Pradesh. The Company was subsequently converted into a Public Limited Company with a fresh certificate of incorporation issued on 15th May 1992.

The Project

The Company has a capacity to Manufacture 5000TPA of Bright Steel Bars of Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, and Alloy Steels and 5000TPA of HB wire and Annealed wire including Binding wire. Bright Steel bar is the basic raw-material for bolts, nuts, shafts, fasteners, tools and manual irrigation equipment’s and is also widely used by automobile, fabrication, engineering, fan, chemical, food, marine, dairy, pharmaceuticals and aerospace industries. HB wire is the basic raw material for the weld mesh, welding electrodes & hardware products. Annealed wire is mainly used for making Binding wire which is used by the construction industry and other . The company is ideally located near Hyderabad, which is the hub of industrial activity in the country, and will meet regional demand, apart from sales over the country. Further, export potential has been estimated at about 40,000 TPA.

The product and End Users

The Company is manufacturing different kinds of Steel Bars mainly Mild Steel, Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel and HB wires and Annealed Wires of different grades of steel. The Products are having wide applications in like automobiles, engineering, fans, fasteners, shafts agricultural / irrigation implements, dairy, marine, Pharmaceutical, aerospace, food processing,construction,hardware industry.

Bright Steel Bars have polished and smooth surface with specified fits and limits. These are normally drawn in round , square, rectangular, pentagonal and hexagonal cross sections. Smooth and polished surface of such bars, make them convenient for usage. These also account to cost cutting in manufacturing operations as on using such bars as raw material very little or no material removal operations are required.

Steel Wires is mainly used for making various fasteners, weld mesh, welding electrodes, in civil industry ,in electrical conductors and also many domestic cum commercial applications.

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